M O N D A Y M O T I V A T I O N !

Never Give Up...

So in 2020 covid19 derailed many many weddings, but Iona & Dean were determined to say their vows in 2020 and that's exactly what they did....

even after their original date on December 12th found them self isolating after a scare at their little boy's school!

I thought I'd hear from the couple in the New Year... but quick as a flash, they managed to rearrange for 23rd December.

A few extra obstacles were thrown in their way for good measure:

- the hotel for Dean's treat away with the boys on the wedding eve was closed & rearranged.

- Their honeymoon suite was closed... but then upgraded to a Ness Walk treat

- And the limited daylight on offer 2 days after the winter solstice!

But, despite all the challenges, on their wedding day this lovely young couple were excited, beaming and delighted to be together.

So, have faith. Challenges can be ovecome and your day will still come.

Take care, Alison xx

And yes, they are both crazy for their cars! Culloden Viaduct was chosen for their couple photos because taking their car's for a spin out here was the couple's first date!