Now that I have my own little one, I get it. Time really does pass so quickly (or horrendously slowly depending on how many episodes of Bing you've sat through that day) and I've grown up loving looking back though family photo albums. My toddler loves being talked through photos of herself and her family up on our walls, or the 'rogues gallery' at her grandparents house. And the giant group shot I took at my Great Aunt's 90th birthday is a treasured possession for me and many relatives.

My photos are for FUN not for stressful POSING!

Life is too short to try and get kids standing still and smiling for the camera.

So if your little ones want to run around the garden, I'll catch them playing. If your baby is screaming, we'll wait for them to calm down, and catch a couple of mid-meltdown photos for good measure! If you're not a 'posey' couple then we'll go for a walk.

So if you have a special occassion coming up, you're visiting Scotland on holiday, or if you just want your future self to appreciate how lovely you and your family are right now, then get in touch and we can see what package will suit you best!



“Alison recently photographed myself and my husband with our wee baby boy – despite babies being completely unpredictable and sometimes a wee bit grumpy – yet again, we love all our photos. They are perfect; completely natural and reflect our boys character to a T. We cannot thank Alison enough for capturing these precious moments.”

Enjoy the Gallery of Loveliness below!