The Corona virus has undoubtedly flipped our lives upside down, so I would like to do something to help us remember these unprecedented times and also support MFR Cash for Kids, who do so much for the Highland community already and now resolutely face the challenge of helping the families worst affected by the rippling effect of the Corona Virus and self-isolation.

““It feels like the world has stopped, doesn’t it?””

It’s certainly a thought that I’m sure a lot of us in the UK have related to. And on the flip side, there are a lot of people working even harder than they normally do to keep us going (and alive) through this Corona Virus pandemic. Thank you NHS & key workers!!

With all this do a tiny thing to celebrate family and document the time we are spending at home in this very uncertain future.

I’m a freelance photographer, based in Inverness. I’m lucky to work in lots of different industries, but people are my main focus and the reason I love my job. Making people relax and smile in front of the camera is my thing, and whilst it’s normally on their wedding day or new portraits to help promote their business, life is anything but normal at the moment.

People are doing their bit and staying home. It’s a unique situation. And one I would like to help us remember. So I am joining this global community of photographers in the #frontstepsproject and offering five minute portraits of people on their front steps, or at their window!

You don’t need to have your hair done, or be wearing perfect outfits. OR, if you’re missing getting dressed up then this is a good excuse! Just do what feels best for you on the day. It’s a little snapshot of life for you at this moment, and whether your confinement has been an unexpected pleasure or a cause of deep worry, it is a memory worth keeping.

Safety is Paramount

We will arrange a specific little time slot, so you will know I’m coming and I’ll text you when I arrive. I will photograph you using a long lens, so I won’t need to come within 5 metres of you. Safety is paramount.

I physically interact with no one, and touch nothing, during these sessions.  And I will instead direct you into place using frantic hand gestures and laughter!

I will be posting these images on my facebook business page and instagram using the hashtag #thefrontstepsproject and will invite all participants to fill in a mini questionnaire about their life at the moment and their experience of self-isolating.

And, as this is going to be a very difficult time for lots of people, with a massive scope of worries across the community, I will encourage those photographed to donate anything they can to the MFR cash for kids appeal. I’ll send you the photos, and you can help support local families.

Please fill in the contact form below if you are interested in having your photograph taken and being part of this project. Families, couples, individuals and pets all welcome!


With this project I am by no means trivialising the impact COVID 19 is having on people’s lives, but as with every life changing event in human history, it is a time worth documenting.

I will be focusing on the area around my home in Kinmylies until lock-down is eased. I am happy to walk around Kinmylies, Scourguie and down to Dalneigh or Merkinch (essentially a 20min radius around Charleston Academy). But if you're outwith this area please do still get in touch. I will sometimes be able to stop enroute to the supermarket for our essentials or on the way to deliver shopping to my family. And once lock-down is less strict I can get out to more places.

Please share these posts & spread the word. Thank you!

NB I am following in the footsteps of project originator Cara Soulia by committing time to the Front Step Project. Photographers across the globe have joined this photographic movement and can be found using the hashtag #frontstepsproject